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NASA Hidden Universe for Windows

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Amazing space theme for Windows 7

NASA Hidden Universe is a desktop theme for Windows 7 that features cool images from space.

Like any other Windows 7 theme, NASA Hidden Universe is very easy to install. Simply double click the .theme file so the system opens it automatically in the Customization window. You can choose between multiple background images, all of them depicting spectacular scenes of stars, galaxies and nebulae.

NASA Hidden Universe is an easy way to enjoy space without even having to leave your computer. Too bad all the images have a big watermark on the bottom right corner that makes the experience a little bit less realistic.

NASA Hidden Universe is a Windows 7 desktop theme with a beautiful selection of images from space.


  • Install with a double click
  • Many background images to choose from
  • Nice design


  • Images are watermarked

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NASA Hidden Universe


NASA Hidden Universe for Windows

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